Sunday, March 15, 2009

sound relief

Yesterday was absolutely fantastic. Very long, not as young as I used to be, but great.
The day was kicked off by Jet, and included in the line up Crowed House, Split Enz, Hunters and Collectors, and Midnight Oil.
Many many bands lined up to give of their time in both Melbourne and Sydney.
Now I know I asked for it not to rain, but, I think the gods got the wrong message.
It didn't rain, it poured. We started the day all nicely dressed with the hair done and the face on. Only a few hours into the day, we were wet and bedraggled.
It didn't matter as we all looked the same and we were having a ball. It was a very mixed crowd with the young rocking to the Kings of Leon and some hip hop band, and us oldies grooving to Paul Kelly.
We left the MCG just as the oils were finishing at aroung 10.00pm, and I walked in the front door at 12.30am.
Very tired, very wet and very pumped up.
It will be a day I will never forget.
During the day the news came through that because of the rain, all the fires were officially now out.
The crowd roared.

This was the best part of the day.
see ya

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