Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The best plans!

Today I was going to go out into the garden and start to clear all the old plants ready for the new. But alas I woke up with a very stuffy head and sore achy body so I will concentrate on the inside only. I cannot get sick now, on Saturday baby girl and her best friend are having a combined 18th at my house. Baby girl will be 18 on 11th April, and her lovely friend, my other daughter, turned 18 on the 4th march.
Yesterday I brought a portable carport to add to our back veranda which will be the dance area, and we will be picking up some extra outdoor furniture from another of her friends. The girls have organised it all, which has been great for us.
I only hope I can survive the 40-50 teenagers that will be here.
I have organised a family barbecue for Sunday the 12th of April for her real birthday.
Boy is she lucky, two birthdays.
I'm so good to my family, they should really be grateful.
see ya

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Cathy said...

Hello Angela
I do so hope all is well in the sniffles dept. before the big night. Not a good look - kleenex tucked in the bra:)
Anyway I'm sure all will be well and 'the girls' will enjoy the do as well as the family one later on.
Take care