Thursday, March 19, 2009


Oh the guilt!
Baby girl has been asked to help teach her dance teachers classes as she is very pregnant. This means she has to be in Pakenham by 4.00pm.
She doesn't get home till 4.00 so the solution is to pick her up at school and take her straight to class. Only problem is I'm at work till 5.00pm.
I could ask to have Mondays off until she get her license but that means the other girl that works there would be working 7 days a week again.
Her dad could do it but it means leaving work, and customers, to do it.
Her brother could do it but the same thing, he will be leaving us short handed at the business.
Guilt, Guilt, Guilt.
Why is motherhood all about guilt.
She really wants to do this, and I really want her to do this. It will be good for her.
I will find a solution.
But right now, I want to move to a small cabin, on top of a mountain and live all by myself,
No responsibility, No guilt.
rant over


Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Is there someone (another mum) who picks up at the school that could take her to Pack for you - maybe for a small fee?
Take care

Unknown said...

sweetheart you are allowed to rant- go ahead- a solution will come- someone will make this very easy for you xx