Friday, March 20, 2009

A big thankyou

Thank you to Lisa and Cathy for your comments. Yes a solution to my rant has appeared. I am changing my Monday at crystal world for Thursday now making Monday my one day off a week. This means I am home to be taxi driver for the baby girl.
When she gets her license it will go back to normal scheduling.
I truly work with wonderful people who are willing to work around me and my family. I even get to rotate my Wednesday shift at curves until the blessed day the baby girl can drive.
I'm sure we will all breath a sigh of relief when that day comes.
I think?
Thanks for letting my rave.
Have a great day.
see ya!


Unknown said...

told you !! always give it to the universe darling angela- they can see the way even if we cant xxx

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Life can be worrisome some of the time but there you go - all is fixed:)
Take care