Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Busy as bees

On Monday we had a public holiday and so, as the weather was cooler we had a big clean up.
Inside and out!
Inside we girls did a big spring clean including all light fixtures. Boy do they sparkle now.
Outside the boys cleaned up along the front of the house under the veranda. All the pots that had not made it through the heat were taken away, their potting mix put into a small trailer and will be recycled by adding yummy compost to it and put back into pots. Over winter I will endeavor to replant them with lots of herbs and hope next summer will be kinder to us all.
The vegetable gardens will be next. I will pull everything up, and let them rest for a couple of weeks before starting the planting of the winter crop.
Here's hoping that we get lots of rain.
see ya

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Unknown said...

heres to rain and to recupperating from all that strenuous house cleaning.
dont do that again angela