Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Officially feed up

Yep I'm over this weather, well and truly.
This morning at 6.00 am it was already hot and the sun hadn't even risen yet. The wind is wipping up all the sand and sandblasting everyone in its way.
And there is lots of sand and soil that is about because all the green stuff (I think its called grass) is dead from lack of water.
It is so depressing seeing all that brown. I really need to see bright green again. I can understand the farmers that have gone away just to get a glimpse of some green ground again.
Its heart breaking.
But we will hang in there, meanwhile on the fire front, the warning reports keep comming. Everyone in Victoria got a txt message yesterday warning us of the extreme fire danger today.
So we are all on alert. This too is very upsetting. Its like waiting for a bomb to go off. The tension and stress is begining to show on many faces.
we are all preparing for a quick getaway if it needs be. Many friends had their trailers on there cars so they can put their horses in and go. Many others have kept kids home from school and even others are taking their pets to work with them.
If this isnt over soon we will all need valium, or a bex and a lie down at the least.

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Leanne said...

We hear news most day on radio & tv about your area. Doesn't sound nice!

Hope it ends soon for you all.

Love Leanne