Friday, October 31, 2008

Why is it?

Why is it that unless I say something or remind people that
No matter how full the bin under the sink is no one thinks to empty it.
Then on bin night the bins dont get taken out, or the next day brought back in.
No one emptys the kitty litter (apparantly only I can smell it).
No one remembers to lock up the chooks at night. Only had them 5 years these things take time!.
Even if the dishwasher is empty plates get left in the sink.
Cloths that are folded in neat piles get left on the billiard table.
When reminded to put away, away means left on the bedroom floor.
That when I do remind, ask, demand or have a hissy fit, I am a nag.
Why is it?
see ya


Michelle said...

often wonder that myself...:)

Unknown said...

ah yes........the cry of women all over the world.......

Jen said...

Totally with you on all of that Angela, TOTALLY!!