Saturday, October 25, 2008

a busy afternoon

Yesterday afternoon I was very tired and all I wanted to do was watch TV and pig out on some popcorn. But alas it was not to be. First I had customers picking up their vehicles after work hours. We have our own mechanical repairs workshop at home and normally this is fine as we are home anyway. But like I said all I wanted to do was to veg out.
Then our neighbour across the road saw stray cattle on the road and assumed I had purchased more stock to add to the family. Not they were not mine but we chased one of them into a neighbours paddock. This was easy as the fences were not that good. Then the owners of the cow found us and said that they had just got delivery of the two calfs and that they had gotton out of the paddock immediately their backs had turned. We asked if they had electric fences and they answered yes, but they had not unpacked it yet!
City folk!!!!!!!!!!
Then they left the cow in the paddock, with the bad fences, and went to dinner with friends.
So all night I have been up regularly watching for the cow to come out of the paddock and making sure it wont eat my fruit trees in the second orchard I planted only 18 months ago. As I type this I can hear it calling its mate and It has gotten out of the paddock it was in last night and into another neighbours paddock. And I havnt seen or heard from the owners since 6.00 yesterday afternoon.
Some people shouldnt think about having animals.
see ya

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Unknown said...

Hello my new friend !!! How lovely to meet you and I see we have ANIMALS in common already.

Welcome to blog world- I willa dd you to my blog roll- expect some visitors!!