Sunday, October 26, 2008

The empty nest

Well I dropped babygirl off at my sisters, and the boys are still away so it was very quiet here last night. It was also very hot and I had to resort to the airconditioner to drop the temp down to 20 so I could get to sleep. It didnt work. I was up listening for the txt message to tell me that baby girl was on her way back to her aunts, safe and sound. By the time this came, early really around 12.00, I was in the middle of watching a really bad vampire movie. It was about a virus that affected nearly the whole planet that turned people into vampires. It was pretty bad but I had to keep watching. So it was about 1.30 when I finally turned out the lights and got some sleep. Way past my bedtime.
Anyway have to pick up the daughter and the boys will be home today sometime and I bet 10 minutes after they all get here I will be wishing I was on my own again, nice and quiet.
see ya

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Unknown said...

i am very familiar witht he empty nest syndrome- also the feeling that i want them to come home until they have been there for five minutes and i want to run away...such is life and motherhood i guess........