Monday, October 27, 2008

A Nice Surprise

Last night while doing the nightly ritual of bedding down the animals and locking up the chooks and geese, I noticed that the little grey bantam hen was missing. I whent into the rose garden to try to find her, dreading the worst. But I found her safe and sound in the middle of a dense bush sitting on a clutch of eggs. I hope they hatch, wont that be exciting. First the geese, and now the chooks. We still cant get near the geese to sex them but hopefully we will know soon. If I cant sex them I may see if I can swap them with the guy who sold them to us. My four for two girls. That may be a better option. That way they can breed lots and then I can sell the babies or eat them.
see ya

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Unknown said...

that is exciting! I hope they hatch too- we have just lost our little silky bantam- she was a beautiful girl......