Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just another day

So far today I have feed the animals, let the chooks and geese out, cleaned the kitchen and done a load of washing. Opened all the curtains and tidied up the living areas. Checked my emails and read the various blogs I visit everyday.
People often ask me what I do as I " dont work".
Boy I wish I had the laid back life they think I have.
Now Im off to the gym, Do a very short shop, get home water the vegies and the fruit trees, organise lunch and clean up after the boys have it, and try to decide what to have for dinner.
At least baby girl doesnt have dancing tonight.
Then I'll collect the eggs and lock up the animals for bed.
I think I'll hit the sack then too.
see ya

1 comment:

Unknown said...

i can never answer the 'what do you do all day' question..all i know is that i never stop.........its raining here, whihc takes care of the plants..are you guys desperatly in need of rain ?