Monday, October 20, 2008


I have been missing lately but it because its been so hectic here. Wonderson and I mulched and planted the vegie gardens and he and dear old hubby wippersnippered all the permiculture area. With all the rain and hot weather the grass was going nuts. The poor geese could not keep up. The fruit is growing nicely and so are the goslings and the new baby lamb.

Here are some pictures of the vegie gardens now that they are finished.

Friday was also my friends 4th chemo treatment and we only have 2 to go. I havent really done any big jobs lately but everyday is busy and lots of little things get done. I like it like that because its the little jobs that niggle at the back of your mind and never let you really relaxe. The weather is warming up and its becoming dry so watering is a big job here. We use our tank water so the pressure isnt great but it gives you plenty of time to veg out and enjoy the ride.
keep busy
see ya

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