Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A not so nice surprise

Today I was going to take a photo of my first ripe strawberry to post. I approached the garden ready to snap and then eat the said strawberry when low and behold it was gone.
Some dirty lowdown bird had got to it first.
So today I will be going to the op shop and get my self some window netting and I will cover the whole lot so I can get the second strawberry of the season.
see ya


Unknown said...

my labrador is the family strawberry theif- loves them- but only off the bush not out of the punnet- dogs are smarter than wea re me thinks !

Hippy Witch said...

The bird has probably been watching it for days, waiting for the perfect moment, it's a pity that it's perfect moment was just before yours. They say we should get up with the birds.