Tuesday, September 20, 2011

crazy weather

Yesterday the weather was wonderful. A very nice 29 degrees celcius. But in the afternoon the wind picked up and by the night it was blowing a gale. I was worried as last year we had huge winds that knocked off all my blossoms which affected the amount of fruit we harvested from our trees.
Then the thunder and lightening started and torrential rain. But this morning even though its colder, only about 15 degrees celcius, it doesnt look like much damage was done. lets hope the bees get the job done before anymore wild weather hits us.
It is much colder today, and because of the temp drop the coughing has started again. Last night I thought I was going to throw up because I was coughing so much.
I have more anti biotics, penicillian this time, so hopefully this will clear the lungs. results of blood test suggest that my liver and kidney functions are down.
I wonder what that means.
Oh well as long as I have the energy to do one or two jobs a day I am happy.
I hope the weather is being kind to you.
see ya


Sharon said...

Maybe you did too much and that's why all the coughing. I will have jags like that and lose lunch or whatever from coughing so hard and then my throat hurts so bad.

Sounds like you had a doozy of a storm, today, we have rain, rain, and more rain. We do need it though, if it doesn't run off.

Take care of yourself and get some rest now!

Vickie said...

Howdy Angela! Thanks for stopping by with encouragement! I see you've been sick with the crud. I'm hoping that you'll bounce back quickly and be your old self once again! There's too much to do to be sick! Take care of yourself!

m1987 said...


Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Sounds like a similar tale as over here - 'cept for the sickie lol have to admit my asthma gets worse when its cold and we did have a huge droop didn't we.
It poured again this morning and still feels cold - trackie daks and windcheater as opposed to the shorts and tshirt of yesterday. Thats Melbourne for you lol
Take care

Susan said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about the coughing Angela - no good at all. Hope the antibiotics kick in quickly.

We've had the hot and cold weather over our end too. A nice bit of rain, but not the bad gales over your way.

All the best, rug up :D)