Saturday, September 17, 2011

Looking lovely

The weekend is looking lovely weatherwise. I have an increadible urge to go outside and dig.
I have just vacumed the living area and Im not feeling too bad. The antibiotics have done there job. I think its because I havnt had any for years, my body must think there a wonder.
So If I still feel good in a little while I may even go outside and potter and see what I can get ready for the spring planting. I havnt got any seedlings started so I will go and get them from bunnings. They had diggers stuff last year so I will check it all out.
hope you are all feeling good
see ya


Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Did you or didn't you or aren't you going to tell lol
Glad you are feeling a bit better, take it slowly tho' - chugging round Bunnings will be a workout and a half!
Take care

Sharon said...

Oh, I wish it were spring here! Glad you are feeling some better, don't work too hard, we don't want a relapse! Take care of yourself!

Unknown said...

I bought some seedlings from Aldi this week. Mitre 10 also have some going very cheap if you have one nearby...punnets for $2.95 each. Can't beat that anywhere. The fresh air and sunshine will work wonders for the feel good factor.


angela said...

sharon did you mean did I go to the deb. yes I did but we left soon after the presentations.
codrals are amazing

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

glad to see you are feeling better - take it slow!
Love Leanne

Gill - That British Woman said...

just catching up with your blog, sorry to hear you're not feeling too good.

Fall is on its way here,

Gill in Canada