Friday, September 02, 2011

ancient Messini

the ancient city of Messini was huge! we only were able to get around half of it. I was just to exhausted to do the lot. But we did get to see two well preserved ampitheaters and the temple of  Artemise. I will post more pics of this place when I get home and the internet is faster. The blue ting maa is how everything looks here, its the sun. Its just so bright.


Hazel said...

Makes Devon Meadows seem a bit ordinary! LOL

Unknown said...

Thanks, Angela. I wondered if it was the way everything looks there. Unbelievable how places can be so different. I think you'd be needing good 'sunnies' while visiting.....and we aussies think our sun is bright sometimes. I know...I's the same sun! Haha!

Sharon said...

Beautiful, it's amazing how all that stuff is still there. The modern building start to fall apart within a hundred years.

Does look like you have to wear shades!