Sunday, September 18, 2011

got it done!

 yesterday I said I had the urge to dig, well I made a slight miscalculation. I sat down and fell asleep. So this morning hubby weeded the garden beds. They were not that  bad as I had done them earlier. We both drove to Bunnings and I got my diggers seedlings. Above are the eggplants and sweet chillies. And below are 8 different tomatoe varieties.

 Here is daddy goose telling me not to get too close to mama
And here is mama, they have taken over the chicken coop. Thats ok as we want to rethink the chickens. We want to be able to leave them overnight and know that they are safe. So we are going to make a totally enclosed area for them. Just not really sure where or how just yet.
so even though I rested saturday afternoon,  sunday morning was very productive.
see ya


The Herbalist's Cottage said...

oh wow we can't plant out yet in NZ - have to wait another month usually after NZ Labour weekend but i sure am itching to plant. And sure looking forward to a real tomato. We don't bother with supermarket ones out of season.
so a nana nap today too?

Sharon said...

Those little involuntary naps will get you when you least expect them! Garden looks really good! Like your tomato cages!

Is Mama goose sitting on eggs?

Susan said...

Good on hubby for doing the digging.
Love your geese - daddy goose is very definite isn't he!

Nanette said...

Oh I love your tomato supports, I saw those stakes at Bunnings but wasn't sure how they worked. I've just spent an hour hammering in stakes and doing the same thing with garden twine..oh well.