Friday, September 16, 2011

feeling yukky

still really sick, coughing up my lungs is not fun at all.
I have only left the house to visit the doctors. I am on antibiotics but I dont feel like they are working yet.
I might have to go back and get some more.
I am supposed to go to a Debutant Ball tonight so I will drug myself up on Coderals and see if I can make it. I am better after taking my meds so Im hoping it will work. If not I will have to ring and let leanne know I cannot go.
I do so want to go so good thoughts sent my way would be appreciated
Hope your all feeling well
and have a great weekend.
see ya


Unknown said...

Sorry your still not feeling well. I believe you're not alone as many are suffering the same as yourself. Not much conselation, I know. Try some Valerian forte tablets to help you sleep peacefully. I swear by them. Natural and no after effects in the morning. You can buy them over the counter at the chemist or even in the health section at Woolies.
I take mine as I go to bed, not an hour before as recommended. I now sleep well and wake feeling refreshed.
I have slightly swollen glands and a bit of a dry cough every now and again. Just enough to annoy. Take care...I'm thinking of you. Maa

Sharon said...

I think you will be forgiven if you forgo the festivities and just crawl back into bed and get some rest.

Please take extra good care of yourself!


Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Sad to hear you haven't recovered yet. We swear by Echinacea but if you have an infection its right you take the antibiotics. Try to get some fresh air and gentle exercise even if you aren't feeling 100% along with some rest. Yes I know that sounds weird but it can help
Call me an old meanie (well my kids used to when I gave them advice of this sort) but I really think you should give this evening a miss. Not good for you - or the others you are going to be mixing with.
Take care

Cathy said...

Hello again
Here it is nearly 9pm and I'm wondering how you are and whether you went out this evening.
Also I forgot early on to say drinking lemon (fresh or from a bottle)and honey with hot water can help as well

Susan said...

Hi Angela, I just finished posting and then started to do a bit of visiting... was real sorry to hear how crook you felt as of this morning. Hope you are feeling a bit better by now.
Such good advice by everyone else before me here, I swear by regular warm lemon and honey drinks. Also a vaporiser chugging away in the bedroom all night really helps stop a rotten cough.
Most of all, don't push yourself too much - take it easy :D)