Saturday, February 05, 2011

Pushing the comfort zone

Baby girl and hubby have found a new, well new for her, car and its in Sydney. So at 3.00am this morning we all got up and off we tootled to Avalon airport. This ment that I would be driving home on my own, in the dark, with pouring rain on roads I dont know.
I was no confident at all. But I am happy to say that I got home in a little over an hour safe and sound. I am worried about the hubby and daughter though. We are having some serious rain her in Victoria and flood warnings are everywhere. Even this morning as I was coming home there were a couple of policemen on the road telling us to move over into the right hand lane, 20 minutes later on the radio it said the hwy there was closed due to flooding on the road. I must of just made it through!
The highway through Wangaratta is flooding and it might close so hubby and daughter may have to stop and spend the night before coming home. I will let them know whats happening when they land. Hopefull I get that call soon.
Anyway were ever you are stay safe.
see ya


Sharon said...

Oh, dear - you are in that flooding area! Yep, driving in the dark in the rain is bad enough, but with the flooding - so scary, I'm glad you made it home alright! I hope they do too! Stay safe!

E said...

I am so glad to hear you are safe. My thoughts and prayer have been with you and your family. Also will all in danger. I have tried to watch the news. But it seems it is all about Egypt. I have to search the internet to get only a bit of news from your country. But they say it was not as bad as they expected. People listened and left there homes to safety. I am so glad to hear this. As in Us people do not listen. They some times chose to stay in the path of danger.
Sending you a big hug and lots of love.

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Saw on news about flooding - not a fun time over there in OZ. Glad you got home ok.

Good news on new car. The things us parents do aye.

Love Leanne

Cathy said...

Really wet over our side - puddles no I mean lakes appearing everywhere lol
With all these sudden torrential downpours coming more frequently don't think I'm going anywhere to day

Tracey said...

Thank God you made it through, it would have freaked me out. Stay safe & DRY! xxx