Monday, February 14, 2011

The wheel begins to turn

This morning while driving to gym I saw a strange mist floating over the paddocks. I checked the outside temp and it was 11 deg cel. ( 51.8 deg f)
I felt a strange sensation and realised it was cold. The air was crisp and there was a definate feel of Autumn in the air.
And boy am I glad!
see ya


Deb said...

The mornings have been cool and crisp here and I notice it of a morning driving to work.

Sharon said...

We're having a little taste of Spring here, and I'm glad too! :-)

Grammy said...

Wow, We are near the same temp today. It was warm for us and cold for you. Is that not amazing. I think 3 feet of snow melted today. We still have snow on the ground. But maybe tomorrow the rest will melt. Thanks for your heartfelt comment.

Tracey said...

You go to the gym?????? Wow, respect! xxx

granny said...

Still warm here...I cant wait for crisp cool mornings!