Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday morning blues

Im sitting in the office at our workshop. I have just finished typing two invoices for a couple of jobs and although I usually like to come in an spend a few hours here today I would rather be somewhere else
The somewhere else is in my sewing room working on another quilt
I have started another jellyroll and this one is going to be for my mum I think.  Its another pattern to the one I just finished so I hope it looks good when its finished.
But for now I will sit here and man the phones, like a good little secretary and dream of stitching away.
At least I will get to catch up with all your blogs.
see ya


Sharon said...

It's not fun having to go to work when you would rather be playing with a craft or hobby. Well, at least it won't spoil before you can get at it again! Have a good day!

Grammy said...

So sorry you are stuck in the office. But I love seeing you on here too. Big hug. Thanks for all your touching words.

Gill - That British Woman said...

the up side is at least you do have the computer to while away the time with......

Gill in Canada

Jodie Williams said...

have you got a little journal or sketchbook to write your ideas down when your away from your crafty bits? ... i find the further im away from my studio... the more inspired i become.. the more my fingers twitch to get into the fabric or the paint... and writing ideas down helps me remember that inspiration.