Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Wedding Photos

 Me and Leanne, my soul sister!
 The bride and me, she was absolutely beautiful
 The bridesmaids, Narelles daughter Jordan, the grooms daughter is the youngest in the front. The brides two best friends in the middle and her sister Bronwyn is the last on the right.
 The happy couple Narelle and Benni
and the three trouble makers, Leanne, is married to Narelles brother Steve, Bronwyn, Narelles sister and me. Im the ring in Im not acually related but an adopted part of the family.


Unknown said...

beautiful ! what a wonderful weekend you must have had !
is champagne classed as fluids ?

Sharon said...

That looks like a very beautiful wedding! I can tell you gals had a very, VERY good time! Great friends to include you in their festivities!

Tracey said...

You all look wonderful.....& not too drunk at all!! xxx

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Soul sisters are the best!
Looks like a fab wedding. Love the photos!

Love Leanne