Tuesday, February 08, 2011

stuff in my head.

Not much happening here. I have not been feeling the best, and I just cannot get outta this funk.
There is stuff going on and Im sure thats got lots to do with the way Im feeling but right now I cannot say what it is. I am feeling like this world is just to harsh to live in and that people will always try to screw you if they can.
I donot understand this thinking. I am a good person who always tries to do whats right and help were I can. So what gives these people the right to take advantage of that!
But tonight I have somewhere to go, and although I cannot say what it will be a good nigh.
Sorry cannot give out too much info at the moment, only tonight is a good thing and I promise I will tell you all about it tomorrow.
see ya


E said...

I hope you have a wonderful time. From my experiences, this is just a lesion to learn. For me it was a wake up call. To know who are real friends/family and who only cares about there self. You have to step back and see it as a clue. Some how something good will come. You just have to find out what is is. Only time will tell. Big hug. Sending lots of happy positive energy your way.

Gill - That British Woman said...

ow can't wait to hear all about it......

Gill in Canada

Vickie said...

Don't know what's going on, dear, but I hope it will pass soon. Sounds like there's alot going on in your life right now what with the weather, the floods, your work and kids. It just seems to overwhelm us at times doesn't it? E was right. One thing I've learned is that "TIME" helps. THank you for thinking about us here in Texas and our big snows. It's been a crazy weather year for us. I think we're going to get a little more this week! Most years go by and we never see a single flake... We're just not used to the temps in the teens! We had a pipe freeze at the farm, and the plumbers here are backed up for 2 weeks trying to get around to everybody! It's been wild!

Tracey said...

Very cryptic! Whatever you're doing...enjoy yourself!! lots of love. xxx

Deb said...

I hope you have a great time tonight and looking forward to hearing all about it. There are some people in this world that are only out to help themselves at other peoples expense. I think Karma will sort them out oneday.