Sunday, February 27, 2011

happily sewing

 This is another of the quilts from my book, Jelly Roll Quilts.  Its called Spiral Stripes. It was quite easy to do except for the fact that the strips were not straight. I bought two cheap jelly rolls from Spotlight and they were not cut properly at all. Serves me right will never, ever buy from them again.
But I fuged and pulled and got them to fit as best as I could. Not bad I think. My mum liked this one so I think I will give it to her.
I call this one "thats 70's Quilt". I used the best of the squares and its only small so I will add a couple of boarder to make it bigger. This one will come with me to my trip to Greece in August and I will give it to my aunt. I hope she likes it.
I have nearly finished the candlewicking quilt and as soon as I have finished the boarder I will post some pics. I hope you all enjoy your weekend.
see ya


Sharon said...

My, you have been busy! Frankly, I like them both, gorgeous!

Wendy said...

These are both just gorgeous!!!

Tracey said...

They fantastic, wish I had the patience...xxxx

Craft Quarters said...

Yum, You are such a talented lady.
Hug Hug

Jodie Williams said...

... your quilts are gorgeous!