Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Free wood

I love getting stuff for free! This is the pine off cuts that gets thrown out at a truss building factory that I pass on the way to gym each morning. There is always someone there collecting the wood for there fires.
As I am driving hubbys ute at the moment, Baby girl has my car still, I have been lucky to be able to fill it to the top and stock up for winter. The wood in the see through crate was the load I got this morning.
Soon the weather will cool down enough for me to start splitting the firwood in the background. There is nothing better than starting the winter with a good stockpile of wood to keep you nice and warm.
see ya


Sharon said...

Oh, you are so right in waiting a while to split the wood, it's just too hot now! LOL! Nice to start making a little stockpile while you wait for autumn!

Deb said...

Getting a nice supply for winter and free, can't complain about that.

Gill - That British Woman said...

you lucky duck we are going through firewood like crazy at the moment, should have enough for the rest of the winter, but free wood is a whole lot better than paying for it!!

Gill in cold snowy Canada