Monday, May 18, 2009

The sounds of silence

This morning I had a little sleep in and have started on today's chores in an unrushed manner. Is that even a word?
Everyone is at work or school and I am here alone in the house. That's actually how I like it. It is so quiet that all I can hear are the birds outside. Even the many animals that we own have been feed and are nice and content.
This peace will not last long but I will enjoy it while it does.
The end of the week is going to be hectic with two full days at work and me going out two nights in a row.
I am a party animal this week.
Have fun everyone!
see ya

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Tania said...

Enjoy the silence, but it never lasts unfortunately.

I went for a walk this morning, first time in ages and the birds were singing beautifully. I shut everything out and concentrated on the singing alone, amazing how many different sounds there were.