Friday, May 01, 2009


Rhonda Jean from down to earth, has posted many times about stockpiling. She mainly talks about being able to live out of your pantry and so you don't kneed to shop every week. This way you cut down on the number of spur of the moment purchases you make. Also if you got sick or your weekly income stopped or dropped for a while you could continue to eat and put all your resources into paying all your other bills, and not worry about food. But now the government wants all of us to have a stockpile of at least two weeks in case the swine flu hits our shores.
If you are new to stockpiling I urge you to read Rhonda's blog. Its a great one for learning all the long forgotten skills we will all need to get through the next few years.
Meanwhile, I was going to live out of my pantry this month, but now have decided to postpone this until a latter date.
So my stockpile is intact, what about yours?
see ya!

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