Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Animal Update

Our ram, Basil, has beautiful horns that grow in circles. Just like princes Leah in star wars! Unfortunately one horn was growing into the side of his head so we had to cut it away. This was not easy.
First you have to catch the ram.
It was very funny seeing four grown men chasing a ram around.LOL!
Then you have to hold that ram down, again very strong ram, not easy.
Then using a hacksaw cut off the tip of the horn.

This is just like us cutting out nail, apparently. But it does bleed. Not a nice thing to watch. It gave me nightmares.
But the ram was not too distressed and got a huge feed of hay after the ordeal, which he ate with gusto so I think the only one with lasting trauma was me.

It would of been worse if we had left it. It could of continued growing and entered into his brain.
Not a nice thing.

Anywho, off to quilting class.
see ya!

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