Thursday, May 28, 2009

optometrist visit.

Yesterday I had an eye exam, and yes I need glasses. The optometrist said my eyes were very healthy and that me needing glasses was just one of those things that happen as we get old.

So now I feel great. Thanks lady you made my day.
All well, cant fight it so I'll just try and accept it.

Dont worry, just me and my issues again.
This empty nest syndrome is really hard. Baby girl passes her hazards perception test, so now all she needs is to pass the driving test and no-one will need me any more.

Might be time to get more pets.
see ya


Unknown said...

poor old Angela Mcgoo
I have been wearing glasses since age ten.............

granny said...

Hi Angela,thankyou for your comment on my blog,and welcome:0)Glasses hey!!Yep as soon as you turn all happens,sorry to inform you but it gets worst.Im 45 and each year a little something else happens.Oh dear,but you know what,I love being mid is good :0)