Monday, May 04, 2009

check list

checklist of jobs completed on Sunday

Chook pen cleaned and fresh straw added.

Gate way to permiculture area now cleared of overgrown bushes and vine.
No more showers while trying to get through.

Hot house cleared of old pumpkin vine and weeded.
Found a snake skin in there, nice warm place to shed your skin apparently.

Tried to till the soil in hothouse but tiller did not start.

Fix the tiller and get it going.

Tilled the soil in the hothouse.

feed all the wast produced to the livestock. Thus it isn't really wast, it's feed.

Moved the livestock into the other paddock to let the first paddock rest.

Re did the electric fence higher so sheep could not jump over it.
Sheep still able to jump, they jump high you know.
Still need to re do the fences, again.

Mowed the back yard.

Split some more firewood.

Boy are we tired.
see ya


Unknown said...

angela you are always so friggin busy.........
you are showing me up !! ( not that it takes much)

Leanne said...

Put your feet up & have a cuppa after all that work - did you have help????

Love Leanne

angela said...

Thanks guys yes I did have help. Both hubby and wonder son helped.