Sunday, December 05, 2010

Im back

Sorry to be away for so long. 
I have been busy but not if you know what I mean.
The weather has been terrible, with lots of rain, and humidity. I dont like humidity and its making trying to dry the washing very hard.
On the plus side lots of rain means everything is lush and green, but the minus is the weeds have now taken over, again, and looks like I will need huge muscles to be able to pull them out.
Because of all the rain, its pretty wet out the back so we havnt planted in the big vegi patch this year so it looks like it will get a spell.
I had a bit of a meltdown last weekend having cabin fever and wanting to go somewhere, I dont care where, but get me outta this place sort of meltdown.
so hubby took me for a drive to sorrento, we caught the ferrie to queenscliffe and then drove home through geelong and melbourne, stopping only to have some lunch.
This is a shot of the other ferrie coming back the other way, the two cross paths somewhere in the middle of the bay.
I felt much better after that, it was a great day!
Other than that, have been busy getting the chrissy shopping done, and helping hubby at work with getting of parts, delivering of vehicles and catching up with friends before christmas.
see ya


Cottage Tails said...

good on your hubby!

I had a melt down this morning - poor Brent...

can't believe you have had soo much rain -

Love Leanne

Debbie said...

I think we all get cabin fever occasionally :0)

Grammy said...

That was wonderful to get to go on a road trip. You have a great hubby. It may be for the best not to plant. The rain caused so much disease it was a waste of time and money for us the last 2 years.

Grammy said...

Ps wish u could have hopped on a plane to see me. : )