Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yummy Jelly rolls

I have fallen in love with jelly rolls. I was inspired by all the lovely quilts I saw at the christmas party we had at craft quarters. So I purchased this book and the garden trellis is the first quilt I am making from it.
The directions are so good even a dummy like me can follow it. It also helps when you have a great teacher like I do, who will go through it all with you to make sure you understand and are confident to proceed on your own.

This is the way we make the squares, you sew two strips together and then iron. You then sew two of those strips together at both sides to make a tube. then you cut out your triangles open at the small end and viola! you have a quare.
As I progress I will post more pics.
The weather here is on the cold side and very wet! So whats a girl to do but stay inside and play with her jelly rolls.
see ya


Sharon said...

Great idea! Cruddy day were made for quilting, reading and crafting, that's for sure! It is going to be gorgeous! Have fun!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I have never used Jelly rolls, will have to give it a go one day.

Gill in Canada