Saturday, December 11, 2010

Drive way makeover

 Hubby is digging up our driveway and we have purchased a truck and trailer load of blue stone to put down.
He will make the driveway tilt away from the house so that next time we get a downpour it runs away into the paddocks and not into the house.
 Molly the faithful boarder collie is always ready to lend a hand around the place.
Don has spotted me with the camera and decided to pose for me. Nice one honey!
see ya


Sharon said...

I sure hope you didn't have damage, that was so much rain! I hope this works good for you! Pretty dog!

Tracey said...

Lovely Molly! I hope you don't get another deluge like that again. xxx

Lisa said...

good god Angela, do you guys ever stop ?????

I get my daily work out by reading your posts !!!!

HOM would love a wife like you ! lol

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Lucky you to have a man who gets into a job right away. I'd be telling someone I know what I thought of him when the next downpour arrived
Reckon we'll get more like we've been having recently?
Take care

Grammy said...

Molly is amazing and so is your hubby. They work well together. I love the photos.