Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Flash Flood

 the water level at my front door

 right up to the door level, any more and it would come in the sliding door
the proble was the roads flooded and it was like a river coming down our drive way.  No matter how fast I moved the water with the big quigie it just kept coming. As soon as hubby got home he got a neighbours machine and built up a barrier and stopped the water coming in off the road. We were then able to sweep the water away. Thank goodness. Now my arms are aching and I am a very tired girl. But hey I kept the water from getting in, so yeah me!!


Lisa said...

never a dull moment hey Angela- the earth is doing some strange things of late !
I am glad you managed to stem the tide !

Sharon said...

I've heard that y'all have been having a lot of flooding there. Makes for lots of tiring work! We are pretty cold here, but at least no snow as yet! ;-)

Nice meeting you! Looking foreword to hearing from you again!

Grammy said...

I am glad to here you were able to move the flow. I have dealt with many rains almost in our door too. Our town made small ditches or trenches at the road so now we are not as much water at the door. but this is something. How every one is having so much or not enough rain.

granny said...

Wow,that was close!! So much rain about..we dont need any more for awhile! word verification is wellies,I kid you not,lol..too funny !

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
What a to do - rained like crazy over here as well. Now this morning not a puddle (or backyard lake) to be seen lol Not good for those in other parts of the state tho'
Take care

Tracey said...

OMG! I've seen it on the news, freaky happenings all over the world of late isn't there?!
Thanks for your kind comment today.

Gill - That British Woman said...

wow, think I prefer the snow over all that water...........there is so much weird weather all over the world this year, isn't there?

Gill in Canada