Monday, December 13, 2010

Finally looking the christmas

We we have finally put up the chrissy decorations and all the pressies are under the tree.
I have not felt like christmas this year. Its my first christmas with my son living away from home and baby girl doing her own thing most of the time.
she will be home and will spend christmas day with us, but wonderson will visit in the morning and he will spend the day at his girlfriends dads house.
So I think I will stock up on christmas cheer and drink myself happy on the day.
What do you think?
see ya


Sharon said...

Well........ at least somebody will show. I am not too sure, maybe someone will drop by between their more important Christmas events, then again, maybe not. I guess I will have to wait to be surprised!

When the kids reach that certain age, they want to do their own thing and in raising them, that was what we were striving for - their independence, is a double edged sword.

The tree looks fantabulous, BTW! Just like on a Christmas card! Good job!

Debbie said...

It is not real Christmassy when the kids are not around or grown up and I can't wait for the Grandkids:0)
Christmas 'cheer' will make you feel better

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Going to be a quiet time in our house also on Christmas Day. We met up with some yesterday and 'hope' to connect with others beforehand (lots of companies are closing next week a whole week before Christmas so some may be going away early) but as for the day - well it will a quick drop in if we are lucky. Grandkids grow up and do their own thing as well
Love the tree - mine is still to make an appearance lol
Take care

Tracey said...

It's the kids that make it, thank God for my grandkids now! xxx

Gill - That British Woman said...

we are still lucky that our two still stay with us on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but I know this isn't going to last forever, so I guess that's why I treasure the time we have them over.

Have a very merry Christmas regardless.

Gill in Canada

Cottage Tails said...

Tree looks real pretty!

I was feeling bahumbug - it is hard to get Christmas spirit going. When home from road trip they had all gone out & brought my gifts so they are making an effort for me.

But Christmas really is rather special with children.

My time will come soon too when the kids are doing their own thing.

Love Leanne

granny said...

The tree looks wonderful !
Its so hard when the kids leave home...we are having Christmas eve dinner and presents here this year,as Nos,Dil and the little boys will be away Christmas day.So just Pa and myself home alone Christmas day..eating left-overs and maybe watching some movies,lol...