Friday, November 26, 2010

Strange dreams

Last night I dreamt that I was under and enormous tree, which had fruit all over it. As I watched the fruit ripened,  and I realised it was a cherry tree.
As I looked closer I discovered that the whole tree was diseased and the fruit was covered in bugs. I started screaming and yelling for someone to do something because the whole crop would be lost.
So any ideas?
I have non myself so I am asking you all what you think it means.


Cathy said...

Life getting a bit much at the moments? Thinking things are getting a bit out of control and you're worried - hows your friend these days?
Actually I have no idea Angela (I'm not a dream reader person) but those are what crossed my mind
Take care

Out Back said...

Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed at the moment by events in your life. Other wise like Cathy I dont really know, but there would be a reason. Look it up perhaps.

I hate having dreams like that...

Tracey said...

I thought the punchline was going to be that a spider had crawled on your face whilst asleep! Sorry, don't know why you dreamt that! xxx