Friday, November 12, 2010

summer roses

These are some of my roses! I dont know what they are called because they have been in the ground for years now and most anyway were bought cheap at markets and things and they did not have tags.
Roses are so easy to grow, I have not given them any water for about 5 years now and they continue to survive and blossom for me every years. I dont even cut them back every year and they still flower.
I really am a lazy gardener so roses suit me fine.
see ya


Out Back said...

You sound like me in the gardening department. I need plants that take care of themselves lol.

Your roses are truly lovely.

granny said...

I have one rose in the front garden that Nos gave me about 12 years ago..It struggles,but survives,and I get just afew flowers each year.It looks like the one in your second photo,mine is called "Blue Moon".We have big problems with the humidity up here...the roses dont like it much.

Cyndy said...

I agree with Granny: "Blue Moon: is right, I think. My mum had one in our garden, along with one that looked like the bottom one, which might be "Candy Stripe" The top one I'm not sure about: maybe it's "Apricot Delight".....

It really doesn't matter what their names are: they're lovely ;0)