Friday, November 05, 2010

Animal Rescue!

As you know I found that cute little turtle in my back yard. What I havent told you yet is that was only the begining.
The next day, the boys found another turtle only this one was the size of a saucer you use under your cup of tea. No one remembered to tell me until a few days later, as I wasnt home at the time.
And no one thought to take a photo, but that turtle too was gently placed in the dam out the back. This was on Wednesday while I was at quilting class.
On the Sunday Hubby and I decided to go and visit with his brother, it had been raining alot, again, and the sides of the road were flooded.
As we were slowly driving along I noticed further up some splashing in the water. I was going to have a look as we drove past but hubby stopped the car and started to reverse. He had noticed splashing as he drove past the spot we just past. I told him about the splashing I saw and decided to check out both spots.
Imagine our surprise to see fish on the road!
He rescued 4 fish, and we think they are silver perch. It looks like someones dam had overflowed, and the perch swam out. They then ended up in the drain buy the side of the road. We live in a rural area and our drains are just ditches buy the side of the road. When they flooded the fish ended up on the actual road.
It sure has been a surprising week here.
How about you? Rescued anyone or thing lately?
see ya

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Cathy said...

Hello Angela
No cats and dogs as well - it rained long and hard enough all the week for those to appear over here lol
My son in law once had some fish in their pond he called Walking Fish - well one year it rained so much the pond overflowed and they just upped and walked away.
Take care