Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vegitarians Look away now

 Remember Our Lambs and Cows that we got two seasons ago.

Well here they are on the BBQ. Fresh meat from our land and raised on pasture without chemicals.
It is sad that they had to die, but I am a meat eater and at least I know that they had a good life, were treated well and were trully loved.
Not in the way you think!! Hahahah
I believe that if you eat meat, and you are able, you should take responsibilty for how the animal lives and is butchered.
So this meat was not only extremly healthy, but worked out at less than $5.00 a kilo for the beef and much less for the lamb.
So a tick in every box really.
Ok let the abuse begin.
see ya


Cathy said...

No abuse Angela - I like a little meat but do have to put the process at the back of my mind. Same with bought chicken which I tend to think gets a raw deal as far as husbandry is concerned - I don't have the room to 'grow' my own so I don't go there either.
Must look out for those books soem time

granny said...

They look good to me !! YUM :0)

Cate said...

Good on you! We purchased a side of beef off a local recently and stocked the freezer. Was a very worthwhile investment!

Gill - That British Woman said...

no abuse from me either, that's what having animals all about, they are not pets.......and that's why I couldn't keep animals as I would regard them as pets.....

Gill in Canada