Friday, June 29, 2012

Last minute projects

Today I decided that I wanted new dishcloths for the van so I have been very busy knitting up these. One is finished and even though you cant tell is blue and Im working on the green one now. I thought Id take a break and show you.
Getting excited now, only two more sleeps till we leave. The plan is tomorrow we will do the fresh food shop,as all canned and dry food has been packed into the van. Then tomorrow night we have babygirls mid year dance concert and then, Sunday morning bright and early we hit the road.
Cannot wait! The weather here is very cold, windy and wet so I am looking forward to the warmer and dryer temps in central and northern Australia!
stay tuned for the pics
see ya

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Cathy said...

Guess what Angela - I have some just like those in my kitchen as well lol
Wishing you good luck with your travels - I take it you are going west to Adelaide and then north up the Stuart? We won't be long after you, leaving on July 10th but this year we are going to Undarra Tropical North Queensland (I feel warm already typing the word tropical lol) first then up to Cooktown and Cairns and then down to Bowen for our 6 weeks r&r to just sit and veg out in the sunshine
Take care on the road - Adelaide is going to be wet this weekend.
Bye for now