Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting ready

Well I have spent the last couple of days getting the van ready for the big trip. We have had some issues with the new caravan and hubby has taken it back to where it was made to have them fixed. I am not happy you buy a brand new van the take months to make it and then its not done properly. If I ran my business like that we would be broke now! But only one electrical issue and it I'll be ready, I hope! But I choose to think of only the good so right now I am washing clothes so that they dry in plenty of time for me to pack into the van. All the cupboards are full of canned and dry foods and the bed is made, so I'm more than half way. The weather here is still cold and wet! So I am really looking forward to getting into the desert, I am so over all this mud. The washing machine is calling me so I'll be off for now get ready to come on my adventure with me very soon we leave on th 1st, that's this Sunday morning. See ya


granny said...

I hope the hiccups are sorted out soon! You must be getting very excited about the trip safe my friend and Im looking forward to some posts along the way :0)

Bryhn Peace said...

Be safe and enjoy!