Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Knitting scarfs

 this is the pattern for the new thing in scarfs, it looks so good I knew I had to try and knit one.
 this is my scarf so far, its long but I still have wool left on the ball. The pattern says one ball makes one scarf.
This is a close up of the scarf, your not actually knitting wool its like a kind on lace and you  knit through the loops. Its kinda awkward at first but you get the hang of it
I was given a purple one as a gift and loved it so much I wanted to make my own. I also got the pink variegated on to knit up. Even though you cannot knit fast, or it will all just make a mess in your hands, it does grow quickly so it would be a great one to get kids addicted to the craft.
I love winter when you can sit in a snugly warm house and knit don't you!
see ya


Sharon said...

I think I would end up with a tangled mess.

Glad you enjoy the project!

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
I'm looking for something new to do and that looks interesting
You seem to be handling it well - was the yarn from Spotlight - as well as the instructions. And would it be too complicated to do on along journey in the car?

Lisa said...

My mum made a few of these and she really enjoyed it, said it was a quick and satisfying project - plus they look great!

Lois Evensen said...

Very cute scarf. :) Yes, I like to have a knitting project nearby all year round. :)

Deb said...

My Mum made a few of these and loves making them. Spotlight have a triple net yarn that has three layers, in vary shades. I bought it for Mum the other day. I have looked at the yarn but can't get my head around it, Maybe I should make one myself to see how easy it is.

Tania said...

Your scarf looks great Angela, well done! Not sure if I could do such a project :)