Friday, June 22, 2012

Flooding rains

Well the rains have been coming and coming and the poor little country town of KooWeeRup has flooded again. My kids used to go to school in KooWee and that's where my quilting classes are. I will ring the shop to make sure they are ok and that no water has entered into the shop as soon as I finish posting this post..
There are lots of road closures around not only here in the south east but all over Victoria.  More rain is predicted and its expected to be week for the rest of next week.
Good weather for ducks!
Stay warm, dry and safe everyone
see ya


Deb said...

Hope it stops for you soon, I think it is headed this way oveer the weekend.

Sharon said...

Wow, is it that flat there? That's some water!

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Oh wow that sure is a lot of water. Hope not too much damage for everyone.
Love Leanne

Bryhn Peace said...

My goodness! Where I am there is a's so incredibly hot and dry. Praying for the rain to stop there for you. enough already. Praying for as little dammage as possible. Sending love and light