Wednesday, November 02, 2011

November already!

after the long weekend, its back to business as usual. Only I cant believe its November already.
My god where has the year gone.
Still waiting for the warm weather to arrive, but we live in hope.
Over the weekend we planted onions, beetroot and pumkins.
The rest of the garden is going great, so maybe we dont need the heat. Its raining as I type this so we have our woodfire on just so I can get some washing dried. Its shut down and wont use alot of wood, but it is nice to have it on.
hope the weather is nicer where you are, or at least doing what its supposed to be doing at this time of year.
see ya


Hazel said...

I can't believe it is November either. Christmas will be here before we know it. I am so loving the garden at the moment even with the rain. It is so lush and green.

granny said...

Yep..almost Christmas !! Yikes!
A very warm 33c here today :0)Early morning or late arvy gardening for me now.