Tuesday, November 08, 2011

thunder and Lightening

Overnight the sun disapeared and the thunder and light show began. I love thunderstorms and eventhough I am aware its happening I am still asleep. If that makes sence.
But last night, even though I was still asleep I was counting the time between the light, bright enough to see even though my eye were closed, and the roll of the thunder. when I got to only 7 seconds apart the rain came down. Thats the last I heard, I must of fallen deeply asleep then.
Its still raining here, quite heavily. So looks like my knees were right again.
dont bother watering your garden Angela, its gonna pour down very soon!
Very wise, Painful, my knees
see ya


Tania said...

We had an amazing storm at daybreak this morning, dumping a heap of rain with it...No need for alarm clock this morning, the thunder was oh so loud!

Sharon said...

I sleep like a brick during storms, I love it too!

Deb said...

I love a good storm too....so soothing! We had one here yesterday afternoon after a hot and humid day and looks like the same today.

Vickie said...

Oh that sounds like some good sleeping! I love for it to storm at night, makes me feel all cozy to be inside under the covers! I hope you have a good week!

Unknown said...

We have a little rain now and again today. Enough to keep it humid.
Lucy shivers, shakes and pants loudly while we have thunderstorms. I love them. Maa