Wednesday, November 16, 2011

garden catchup

 My tomatoes are ripening, yummy we should be able to eat some in a few days.
 the potatoes in pots are going gangbusters, hopefully they are making spuds as well as leaves.
My herbs are taking off again, we even had some in a potato salad the other day.
 the tomatoes, zucx and cucumbers in the front.
 More tatters in the forground, with the beans being the second row.
and here we have the beetroot and onions with tomatoes in the background. All are growing fantastically.
At this rate, we might be able to get a second crop in before the end of summer.
see ya


Sharon said...

That really looks great! I love seeing how your garden is progressing! (Of course, I am a little jealous too ;-) )

Claire said...

Your vegies are looking fantastic..........

Nice to see the tomatoes ripening up. All this rain will be keeping them happy, but don't worry Summer will arrive in it's own, good time.

We must've been a bit slower getting our vegies in they are nowhere near as advanced as yours.

Claire :}