Sunday, November 06, 2011

Feeling like spring.

 here is a little willy wagtail sitting on her nest. she is in the liquid amber, that our wood pile is under. If you click on the photo I think it gets bigger.
this is a close up of her nest, they are just amazing how they build them.
here is hubby sitting down after a long day cleaning up. why do men love sitting by a fire.
I hope this nice weather continues, not too hot and slightly overcast. Perfect for working outside.
see ya


Sharon said...

It looks so nice there! That nest looks like it took quite a while to build it... not having thumbs and things ;-)

Lois Evensen said...

Fascinating image of the bird and nest.

JDS said...

Nice pictures. Although it is a simple concept, I am fascinated by the globe's opposing seasons. We in America are cooling down while you guys warm up "Down Under," and for just a little while our weather is about the same as our seasons pass each other. But seriously, how can anyone not love sitting by a fire???

Snowbrush said...

What you call liquid amber (from the scientific name) is what we in America call sweet gum. It so happens that I plan to buy one tomorrow to replace a beloved Ponderosa Pine that I found it necessary to have cut recently.