Thursday, January 27, 2011

RIP Lilly

 This is Lilly she was named by me because I bought her from a family with the last name of Potter!
she was my car for 3 years but we always planned for her to go to Stephanie when she got her license.
Steph looked after her and was happy to keep her for a few years yet. But unfortunately the accident happend.

The dints dont look so bad but the whole of the car has been crushed and the insurance comp has told us they will write the car off.
So Lilly is being picked up tomorrow and we will never see her again.
Very sad!
So now that we know how much they are giving us the hunt is on for a new baby, for my baby girl.
RIP Lilly you were a faithful girl and we loved you.
see ya


Tracey said...

I am also soft over our cars!xxx

E said...

Bye Lilly, :( How you find a wonderful replacement. Thanks for stopping by.

E said...

I meant Hope. Sorry I can not spell tonight. : )

AJ-OAKS said...

Goodbye Lilly.
Ooooh, on the search for a new car! What fun!
I also name our vehicles. The car is Annie for Annie Oakley. Daughter named her beautiful red truck Mariyln so I named my truck Monroe!

Sharon said...

Bah-Bye Lilly! It really doesn't look that bad, but, well, I suppose a new car is necessary. I usually hate to see a favored car go. I drove the Bad Boy for 3 years and my son drove him for almost 2, he got traded off with so many miles, windows that wouldn't work and lots of little glitches. It's funny, I usually name my cars, but the one I drive now is simply "my car". I hate car shopping, myself, they have to feel "just right". LOL! So I let DH get and I have to ease into it or I wouldn't have a car!

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Farewell Lilly.
You will be sad.