Saturday, January 01, 2011

First day of 2011

The new year came in quietly here at home. Hubby and I stayed at home by ourselves and after seeing the new years fireworks on the telly were heading off to bed. unfortunately a farm  a few streets away had their own fireworks so we checked on all our animals to make sure the were ok.
If any of you have seen the movie babe, you will know that in that movie they have fireworks and the sheep just watch them fasinated. Well our sheep did the same. They all came out and lined up against the fence and watched the night sky. I nearly fell down laughing. It was so funny to see them all just lined up like that all looking up.
So seeing they were happy and amused we hit the bed. We woke this morning and decided to spend the day out on the water. It wasnt a great day weather wise, and the fishing wasnt the greatest. I did catch one small snapper. But it was good just to be out on the water and spend some quality time together without kids, customers and anyone demanding our attention.
So all in all this year has started better than I expected, with quiet, and laughter and quality time spent with the one I love.
Awww now Im getting mushy.
see ya


E said...

That is so sweet! You painted such a wonderful picture with your words. I can almost see the sheep. I need to look up what snapper looks like. But I think you have a great day started.

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Sounds a nice day. I'll have to watch the sheep next fireworks - would be nice to know they do not get fazed.

Love Leanne

Sharon said...

That does sound like a nice day, even if a bit damp.

Nature had her own fireworks show for us last night, along with everything that goes with it, wind and pelting rain.

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Sounds like a great lazy day. sorry the fish weren't biting - maybe you need to go back on the next nice day we have and try again lol
Quiet day in our house - got a few jobs done - started on the garage but gave up. Need to put..determination.not procrastination .... as one of my resolutions for this year. Finish what you start:))
Take care

Tracey said...

What a lovely romantic way to spend the day! I wish you had taken a photo of the sheep!! xxx