Monday, January 17, 2011

not happy Jan

For those in Australia you will remember the quote from the add, for everyone else just know that I am not happy.
On Friday baby girl was coming home from work, minding her own business had stopped at the lights when a car was pushed into her and she was pushed into the car in front. The car behind her was hit by the car behind him.
So it looks like her car is going to be written off. I am very happy that she and no one else were hurt but now I have given her my car to take to work, and although I had hubbys ute he has asked me to leave it with him as he needs it today.
So I am at home without transport. Luckily I dont need to go anywhere! But still not having a car makes me feel somehow trapped.
even to walk to the milkbar is 3klms away. So hopefully we will find out exactly what they are doing with her car, then if needs be purchase a new one for her and then I can get my wheels back.
Whats a mother to do.
see ya


Deb said...

I know the feeling both my boys had an accident and their cars were written off. Us mothers do exactly what you are doing, lend them our car and get them a new one.

Cathy said...

Luckily she wasn't injured at all - it must be a worry not knowing what the insurance company will say - they can take an age to make a decision as well. I know its a different dept but they will be up their eyes and ears this week what with floods in so many of the states.
Did you see my blog recommendation in the previous post?
Take care
Cathy = who nearly jumped down the throat of the person who suggested I sell my car when Dh retired - surely you won't need two cars she said!!

Sharon said...

Very lucky that no one was hurt, for sure! I hope it doesn't take too long for the insurance companies to sort it out. Yep, just about have to let her use your car! I have been without my car every so often and I do know the feeling of feeling trapped!

Unknown said...

gosh I know that feeling even though we have a shopping village two blocks away- since SOM has had his licence i get it back only when petrol is needed.
Yep, a car gives us ANGELS wings and we are flightless with out them xxx

Tracey said...

We live miles from anywhere & couldn't manage without a car either & you're right it does make you feel trapped! Glad no one was hurt though...xxxxxx